Shakeology Cleanse


The Shakeology 3-day cleanse is very different from othercleanses you may have doneor just heard of. First of all, you are NOT fasting or starving yourself just so you can see the numbers on the scale drop. This cleanse provides your body with whole foods, a multitude of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, phytonutrients, pre and probiotics and whey protein. Do you even know of any other cleanses or detoxes that supply your body with these? They usually deplete your body of all these. You body needs these vital nutrients to function properly and to KEEP functioning properly. The Shakeology cleanse will rid your body of build up gunk and give your diet jump-start, especially if you’ve hit a plateau. 

During the 3 day cleanse three of your meals will replaced with a Shakeology shake, made with water and ice. When you buy Shakeology, Beachbody doesn’t recommend replacing too many meals with it, but they do say that for a short duration it is okay and will not harm your body.

The Shakeology Cleanse will include:

  • 3 Shakeology shakes per dayShakeology_Greenberry
  • 2 cups of green tea per day 
  • 1 or 2 pieces of fruit per day (optional)
  • 1 salad for dinner with lean, white chicken or fish
  • No dairy or extra sugars (this includes almond and soy milk)!
  • Drink 2 to 4 liters of water every day
  • Only use low-fat dressings
  • 2 snacks before/after any of the major meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Fruit is optional, and it is discouraged (however, some of you will need the calories while others may not)
  • Power-workout participants (those who are already super conditioned) are recommended the higher numbers of calories
  • For maximum results, do NOT use additives

Your 3-day Cleanse will look like this:

Start with:
1 cup of green tea upon rising in morning

1 serving of Shakeology with ice and water (fruit is optional, no more than a cup)

Snack 1:
1 piece of fruit (your choice)

1 serving Shakeology with ice and water (fruit optional)
1 cup of green tea

Snack 2:
(Last snack of day can be done either before or after dinner)
1 serving Shakeology with ice and water

Salad and 3 serving of greens and vegetables, 4 ounces of protein (fish or poultry), and no more than two tablespoons of low fat dressing.


 So, this is what all three days will look like during your Shakeology cleanse. The first day will most likely be the hardest of the three, as you are limiting calories temporarily, you will feel slightly tired and hungry, but by the second day you should be feeling better and starting to get more energy. You body will be removing all that crap and toxic gunk that has built up over the years. 

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I am here to help you and guide you to a happier and healthier life, so ask away 🙂

Until next time, keep pushing!


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Paleo Chicken Tenders

So I have been MIA for a while, but I’m back! Things are slightly different since the last time I posted. I am back in school full-time now, I decided to go back to pursue physical therapy, I moved, My grandmom passed away :-(, I hit my first deer and it totaled my car, I adopted a 14-year-old cat and I am an aunt! A little good and a little bad. Such is life. Oh and I also tried Crossfit and eating paleo. Love both!



Somehow working and going to school and not having too much free time has shoved me towards being more active on my social networks, go figure!

This recipe is a paleo recipe and very delicious. If you are a fan of chicken finger or chicken cutlets and are looking for a healthy alternative you have come to the right place.








I will be posting a video on baked jicama fries soon….

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Ultimate Reset Day 7! – Going to miss oatmeal!

Hello again,

Ah, day 7. Already in this a week! I am definitely feeling better than I was. I was very tired and bloated and, even a few days, emotional! I was not liking that.

I am a little nervous to start the next 2 weeks of just mainly fruit and veggies. This is all new to me, because I love my meats and fish. I wondering if I am going to be hungrier without the toast and oatmeal and protein. I guess we will see in the coming days!

Day 7, again, was pretty uneventful. Still liking the food, even the zucchini cashew soup, which I thought I was going to hate. The first time I put in too much herbal seasonings and it overpowered the soup, the second time I barely put any and could taste the actual soup and the flavor is a good combo of both zucchini and cashews and is nice and creamy. So a warning to anyone who is doing or might be doing the reset, go light on the added spices and herbs until you figure out how it will taste! Play around with it, you can always put more in but you can’t take some out.

I am going to miss oatmeal though. It is usually a breakfast staple for me in everyday life. I either have it with unsweetened almond milk and cinnamon or in my oatmeal pancakes, oh man I miss them! I just blend egg whites, oatmeal, unsweetened applesauce, chia seeds, and cinnamon and add in blueberries or strawberries (oh my God my mouth is watering) and top it with honey or agave. So good! Ok, enough delicious food talk, especially since I think my delicious part of this journey is over. I don’t know though, so we will see.

Breakfast was oatmeal, chopped apples, greek yogurt, cinnamon, and agave syrup. Lunch I had zucchini cashew soup and a mixed greens salad with sesame ginger dressing, and dinner was baked tempeh, steamed broccoli and asparagus, and 1/2 brown rice 1/2 quinoa (I ran out of brown rice). I did not have a snack, not because I didn’t want to, just because with my schedule I didn’t have time to eat it and just ate the 3 meals. I will definitely be eating a snack tomorrow!

I did do a light workout again, I did 30 mins of a hip hop dance dvd. Don’t laugh, I can bust some moves… sometimes. 🙂

That’s about it, we shall see how the next phase goes.

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Keep reading and thanks for following me through this experience 🙂


Ultimate Reset Day 6 ~ Starting to feel the benefits!

Hey guys,

Hope everyone had a safe, healthy, and happy memorial day!

I had a pretty good day, although I did not go to any BBQ’s over the weekend, I did cook a lot of my reset food and got to spend some much-needed time with my long-lost friend Mr. Sun! We had a beautiful weekend here in South Jersey, thank God.

Well, the past couple days haven’t been the greatest, I was highly emotional and tired and maybe a little unmotivated. Day 6 was a MUCH better day. I felt more productive and had more energy and was definitely in a better mood. However, earlier in the day (when I was in my bathing suit :/) I did feel kind of “jiggly”, which made me very upset. Then, as the day went on I started feeling  “slimmer” and a little more positive about what I’m going through now. I tend to compare my results with other’s and then get discouraged when I don’t see the same changes. This is my journey, not someone else’s, and I have to remember and appreciate that and the changes I am personally going through. One positive thing I am experiencing is awesome sleep. I’ve been getting at least 8-9 hours every night and am falling asleep much earlier than I have been for some time now. I am finding it hard to stay awake past 10pm, whereas prior to the reset I couldn’t fall asleep until well after 11pm and would have a lot of trouble getting up in the morning. I have to say I am liking this! No more naps during the day lately either. A plus!

I am still diggin’ the food, but I am getting closer to the “fruit only” breakfast and vegetarian meal plan, which I won’t lie, am a little nervous about. I am not a vegetarian and don’t plan on continuing to be after the reset is done. I love my chicken, fish, eggs, and lean meat and will not be permanently giving them up, although I do understand the science behind eliminating them during the detoxing and restoring phases of the reset to “tune you up” and “clean you out” more efficiently without the slow digesting meats slowing processes down. I am going to, surprisingly, miss oatmeal too!

I have still been doing some lower impact cardio for 30-40 mins. Day 6 I did 40 minutes on the Cybex arc trainer and was still drenched in sweat! I didn’t really want to go too hard, but it is very hard for me not to and to be in the gym watching everyone else getting their weights on and I’m sitting on a piece of cardio equipment for 40 minutes wishing I could go crazy, but I keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end. I have heard people’s success stories and say that they even feel stronger and have gained more lean muscle following the reset. If that is so, I can’t wait!

That’s about all for day 6 of my ultimate reset journey. Another 2 weeks and 1 day to go so keep reading 🙂

p.s. here’s a link to my youtube day 6 video too!


Ultimate Reset Day 4 & 5- Overly Emotional…

Hi everyone,

Well, day 4 and 5 were pretty similar as far as how I felt. Nothing to exciting to post about. I have to say I have been very emotional the past couple days, and I am not an emotional person at all. I noticed I got upset very easily and, I am actually embarrassed to say, cried quite a few times! Like I said, I am not an emotional person, nor do I often cry, so this was something different and strange for me. Definitely not liking that part! I had a mild headache on day 5, but nothing too bad and didn’t take anything for it.

Again, the food is still delicious. I love it all. So far, the thing I liked least was steamed kale, and it wasn’t even too bad. The lentils, I’ll say, did leave me VERY bloated for the better part of day 4. It was a large portion of lentils, so along with all the other veggies and salad I was eating that was a recipe for some bloat and swelling! I do absolutely LOVE the sushi rolls.I will definitely eat them even after the reset. 🙂

I did 30 minutes of yoga on day 4 and did feel a bit weak, but not too much, and day 5 I took a short 15 minute walk in the morning and was pretty much up and doing things the rest of the day and didn’t feel too tired, although my head feels a little airy (?). I’m not really sure how else to describe it, lol.

Nothing else really to write about, but excited to see what else is in store for the remaining days of the reset.

See you guys for day 6! Stay positive and keep pushing to your goals…




Ultimate Reset Day 3 – Less bloated but sleepy!

Hey guys,Image

So, I just finished day 3 of the Ultimate Reset. I did weigh myself and am down 3 lbs so far. I really am going to try to not weigh myself too much. Maybe at the end of each phase, as I do tend to OBSESS over my weight, when I know more than anyone you can’t always go by the scale.

I have had no complaints so far about the food, it is really delicious! It’s also kind of cool to make everything, even dressing from scratch. I’d always make excuses that I didn’t have time to prepare all these in-depth dishes, but such is not the case. I have made everything exactly as laid out so far. The dressings are awesome and will last for a few uses and I definitely intend on using them after the reset is all said and done. Like I’m sure with almost all of you, I need flavor and I LOVE to eat! So far (knock on wood, lol) I have been very satisfied with the meal plan. I am also only on week 1 and I know that the next 2 weeks dairy and meat are cut out, so this may change.

I have still been feeling less bloated, which I was having issues with for some time, and a little tired. Day 2 wasn’t too bad, I had gotten a little tired later in the evening, which I’m sure is normal, and day 3 I was tired a lot more throughout the day. I did sleep for 10 hours that night! I didn’t nap but was dragging a little and took it easy for the day, luckily I had a very light day because of memorial day weekend. I did do a 25 minute Rockin’ Body workout in the morning and did it really low impact since you aren’t supposed to exert yourself too much during the reset because the reset is giving your insides a “workout”, so repairing muscles would take away from that. I won’t lie, not working out is VERY hard for me. I love to workout (cardio is another story) and do so 5-6 days a week, so this is a big change for me. But, it is only for 3 weeks and I will still be doing something very low impact and light stretching and yoga on most days.

Other than that I don’t have anything too crazy to post about (good or bad?), so until tomorrow, keep pushing and remember your goals 🙂